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my attractions for my beloved

my attractions

my attractions

my attractions

my attractions

my attractions

my attractions

my attractions
behold, with open eyes
so you see, of what is created is so beautiful
taste, so you feel what they call a happy
special for you my beloved................

tips to maximize consumer shopping

 tips to maximize consumer shopping

These tips for the marketing department. For how to maximize merchandise. Today's economic problems become major obstacles in maximizing marketing. And here gizzka try to solve marketing problems by maximizing consumer shopping.
hopefully tips to maximize consumer shopping can improve your marketing.

The following tips to maximize consumer shopping

Small businesses are now in the difficult-difficult, as the declining economic movement that has affected consumer spending behavior.
The consumer has a few things that can be predicted with respect to their behavior before the economic downturn it. However, the economy has been increasingly drawn to the consumer to be very careful in the shop.
There are so many decisions are made about money to be spent on consumers, and even details the purchase of what will be done. They also put off buying a lot of stuff to keep their budgets in balance. Raise the cost of fuel and food will add to pressure on the consumer wallet. To address this behavior, many small businesses that have reduced the number of products they stock and slowly raise the price. Try going a factory and read a part of the business of any kind of paper as evidence that prices are now rising and the supply of goods has been reduced.
The retailer now must have a keen eye on consumers to ensure that products and their store layout is optimal. Continue to increase promotion of their goods in order to increase consumer buying interest. The key difference here is to provide objective guidance from consumer spending. Here are a few of his tips:
* Through the grocery store and other shops, the purpose of the shop itself is usually to fill the empty stock. Therefore, it can provide the advantage of examining the high level of the average consumer shopping done.
* Through a product for "one dollar" for example, shopping trips that will quickly stop in the search for needed items. Shops that install this promo, gained great appeal in connection with a convenient location and make it easier for consumers to make the shopping trip becomes shorter, saving fuel and time.
* Many fast food restaurants from serving benefit package worth one dollar menu that can attract consumers tend to increase when consumer purchases are entered into the restaurant.
This was the beginning of the year. So make sure that you have selected a product, right price and promotions to attract consumers to slightly deviate from their shopping destination when they arrive at their destination first. Remember that in the current economy, consumer confidence is paramount.
As a small businessman, it's up to you how to develop an environment that allows consumers to slightly loose on their finances and spend a little more to shop.
good luck with tips to maximize consumer shopping

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attractions Jerusalem: the holy city for three religions

attractions Jerusalem: the holy city for three religions

attractions Jerusalem: the holy city for three religions
Jerusalem attractions is a very powerful experience. Because Jerusalem is the holy city to three religions namely Islam, Christianity, and Jews. here we will explain a little bit about the history of the city of Jerusalem, Jerusalem as well as on the influence of the most important part of the history of world civilization.
  City of Jerusalem, a beautiful old town charm. The city of Jerusalem also save a lot of evidence about past civilizations. If you are attractions to Jerusalem, your attractions will make you know one of the most important place in human history.

Shalom in Hebrew means peace Jews. That word of welcome and farewell to her in Israel. The author had the opportunity to visit some important places in the Old City of Jerusalem. Which is a city of three religions conflict of interest over time.
The town is full of controversy. Also the opportunity to visit even if you do not always have to plan ahead. This relates to the political escalation that occurred in this city. So spattered little brawl between ethnic, your visit will be canceled. Or one of three places of worship of Christianity, Judaism and Islam closed to the public and even to his own people for the sake of security.
The authors have also been a small incident at the Masjid al Aqsa, so there are restrictions for attractions not to visit a Muslim mosque. Only open to local residents.
attractions Jerusalem: the holy city for three religions
Jerusalem, which means The Holy (The Saints) and a population of over 747 000 people is the largest city in Israel, both in population and area. The city is also divided into two parts, the Old Town and New Town. Actually the two are not separate, Old Town is a city within a city, like the Vatican in Rome. New town centers where government and modernization.
In the Old City is surrounded by high walls like the ancient Roman cities. This wall has a function as a defense of the city from enemy attack. Height of the wall is also made very sturdy and even have a stone that weighs 100 tons, the wall height ranges from 5-15 meters, with 43 watchtowers at important points such as entrances and at each corner.
Old Town which covers 0.9 square miles that is visible from a distance the Mount of Olives like a fortress. The author is more appropriate because of the hill called Mount Olive real name, unlike its height is only 812 meter Mt. Mount of Olives or Har Ha Zaitim Hebrewnya language or Arabic Jebel az-Zeitun. Mount of Olives is associated with the Christian and Jewish tradition, as many past events that are written in the Gospel and the Jewish Hebrew Bible book is going on here.
Exactly on the slopes of these hills is the largest Jewish graveyard in the world, with approximately 150,000 graves. Trusted by them if they want to go to heaven must be buried in Jerusalem near Mount Olive. This is our first stop after an hour's drive from the port of Ashdod, Israel.

One of the gates into the Old City of Jerusalem. (MANUH / THE EPOCH TIMES)
To enter the Old City, the attractions will start from the Gate of Jaffa (Jaffa Gate) in the western part of the city center, where there are eleven entrances but partially closed, only seven gates are opened. These gates are closed at sunset and opened again at sunrise.
attractions Jerusalem: the holy city for three religions
The existence of this conflict-prone, it looks very striking in the presence of armed police officers and soldiers in every corner of the city. This is understandable because Israel and its people have great interest in the field of attractions. Security is the main thing that attractions and pilgrims can still be visited. Jerusalem is the main lure of the principal Moslems, Christians and Jews from around the world to be able to perform the congregational worship here.
Small alleys like a gang, but a neat story of limestone rocks is a typical old city. Almost all the buildings using stone as the stone walls of palimanan in West Java.
Very long history of Jerusalem, before the conquest by King David, Jerusalem is home to ethnic Jebusites. Then given the name City of David, son of King Solomon's construction of the city walls expand.
Then the glory of the Islamic Arab Empire controlled Jerusalem in the 7th century, under the leadership of Caliph Umar Ibn al-Khattab.
In 1099 Jerusalem occupied by the Western Christian soldiers, 88 years later, in 1187 the Arab Muslim leader Saladin control of Jerusalem again, and allowed the Jews to settle in this city.
Throughout its history, Jerusalem has been destroyed twice, besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times, and held back 44 times. The existing wall was built in 1538 at the time of the Muslim Ottoman Empire under Sultan Suleiman the Great. The wall extends along 4.5 km with a height of 5-15 meters. With a thickness of 3 meters. Which there are 43 watch towers.
Jerusalem is now under the government of Israel since the Six-Day War in 1967, when Jordan lost the war and had to hand over all of Jerusalem. The uniqueness of Jerusalem is only one square kilometer is the division of this region into four ethnic regions. Muslim population of the region, Armenian, Jewish and Christian. However, not all citizens of one religion only. As in the Muslim region there are 60 Jewish families living there. The main role of Jerusalem for the three religions have deep roots.

The atmosphere of the old town hall street in Jerusalem. (MANUH / THE EPOCH TIMES)
The religion of Islam has become the third holiest place after Mecca and Medina. Believed the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven from the 'Temple Mount'. To remember this place is here built the Al Aqsa mosque (the farthest mosque), and the mosques 'Dome of the Rock', where he climbed the flight of stone Buraq.
Western Wall or Wailing Wall or the Wailing Wall is open Synagog for Jews, is their holy place, so does the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, an historic church where it is believed Jesus was crucified and buried here. This church is a pilgrimage place since the 4th century to the present.
As a attractions area, a variety of magnetic cindramata, scarf, cap and small cap typical of Jews were also sold to the attractions. Places visited by thousands of pilgrims and attractions, on the one side has come lose the sanctity of Jerusalem. Because these two types of visitors have different goals; pilgrims to perform religious rituals, while the attractions just want to know, have fun and capture the media and get a souvenir photo.
For the sake of attention, then for every visitor either pilgrims or attractions will be certificated 'Jerusalem Pilgrim' which was signed by the Mayor of Jerusalem and the Israel Ministry of attractions

attractions Jerusalem: the holy city for three religions
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TIPS Caring For Combination Skin

TIPS Caring For Combination Skin

If your face is partly oily and partly dry, you have got combination skin and there are several ways to care for it so that you can keep both types balanced and looking good.
Use a mild cleanser on your entire face up to twice a day.
Use a good moisturizer on the dry areas. - Moisturizers work by either increasing the penetration of water into the skin or by reducing the rate at which water is evaporating from the skin surface.
Look for products that normalize your skin, such as those that contain alpha hydroxy acids - Alpha hydroxy acids are derived from fruit, milk and sugar cane and have anti-inflammatory properties. When applied to the skin they help remove dead skin cells (exfoliate), giving us a younger appearance.
Use oil-absorbing makeup on oily areas to control shine.
Use a sunscreen, minimum SPF 15
Caring For Combination Skin
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Shown Beautiful But Still Saving is the desire of all womenTips Cleaning the face with a short right -

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Shown Beautiful But Still Saving is the desire of all women

Shown Beautiful But Still Saving is the desire of all women
Shown Beautiful But Still Saving is the desire of all women. and now we offer tips to Appear Beautiful But Still Save. Please study it carefully Shown Beautiful But Still save, so you can understand very well to Appear Beautiful But Still Save.

Want to look beautiful is not always expensive. One of them by choosing the right cosmetics.
Pretty frugal tips:
Storing and using cosmetics, make-up Clean equipment, Cosmetic multifunctional, the right color choices, use the sample products, Compare prices of cosmetics, treatments alone

To look beautiful, sometimes you have to spend money. To buy cosmetic products for skin care, hair or makeup. The cost involved is not small considering the price of an expensive cosmetic products. Actually you can save on your expenses for this field. How not to spend lots of money but can still look beautiful?

Storing and use of cosmetic products properly

Cosmetic products do have expiry age cosmetics. But, if you're not really in the store, the cosmetic damage that could be characterized by discolored or smelly, but it should not yet expired.

Therefore, cosmetics must be stored and used properly. Some things to note in this regard include:

Close tightly after use and the packaging in a cool place. Packaging that is open, although only a few can make the incoming air and bacteria in it multiply and cause cosmetic damage.
Use tools such as brush or sponge while using your cosmetics.
Clean your face and make sure it is dry when going to apply makeup. Water or perspiration can lead to mildew if you stick to cosmetic products.
Make sure hands are clean and dry when it should touch the cosmetic product.

Clean equipment make up

Make-up equipment commonly used as a brush or sponge should be cleaned regularly so as not to be a hotbed of bacteria that can switch on your cosmetic products on the skin or causing problems.

To clean a brush, you can use warm water and baby shampoo. The trick is to wet the brush and tap-tap the brush with the palm of the hand that had previously been given a bit of baby shampoo. After that, rinse with warm water and pat dry with paper towels or a towel and allow to dry naturally. Another way is to soak the brush in a glass of warm water and stir the water in a glass with a brush before the brush to dissolve dirt.

For the sponge, wash by immersion in warm water for 5-10 minutes. Squeeze to dry. Do it repeatedly until the dirt on the sponge is missing. Then dry sponge with aerated.

 Use multifunctional cosmetic products

Cosmetic products have not been exhausted, but sometimes you get bored with the color or feel it's not a trend anymore. One solution is to buy a multifunctional cosmetic products. For example, at the same time blush lipstick, eyeliner and mascara, eyeshadow and shimmer. In addition to saving as only need to buy a product, cosmetics will also be out faster because it is often used.

 Choose basic colors

For decorative cosmetics such as lipstick, eyeshadow or blush on, choose basic colors like brown, gold or red brick. These colors tend to be always used and is not affected by the trend. If you want to get bored with these colors, try to blend the colors that exist in order to get a new color.

 Try a product sample

Want to try the colors of the trend? Try first to buy the product samples are usually small. Colors are usually short-lived trend.

You should also buy product samples in advance if you want to try new products. A product may not be suitable in your skin. By trying product samples, you will not feel hurt when the product was not compatible with your skin.

 Not having to use expensive cosmetics

In order to get the most out of makeup, does not mean having to use expensive cosmetics. The high price of a cosmetic product is usually because the product is imported, the cost of research to produce a product, or the presence of additional ingredients such as fragrances or softeners. So, do not mean that cheap products are not good. For example, for clinical trials using products imported from the country of origin of respondents who do not necessarily have the same skin type with users from Indonesia.

You can also check the content in cosmetic products. Sometimes the content is almost the same but it is much different. Observant in this regard can save on your expenses.

 Perform self-care at home

Cream bath, scrubs, or a mask is a treatment that can be done alone at home. So it need not always be done in the salon. By buying products that are available on the market can save on your expenses for the salon.

Can also perform these activities on the weekends with friends or family. You can take turns doing this, you are massaged with a gulp, after berarit now your turn to cleaning face. In addition to save money, your relationship will grow closer and be able to do fun activities together.

One important thing if you want pretty frugal is not easily tempted by the lure of beauty or the waitress at the counter of the affected advertisement. Careful and take care of your cosmetic bag can keep you that are not easily drained but still look beautiful.

Shown Beautiful But Still Saving is the desire of all women

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Tips Cleaning the face with a short right

Cleaning the face of these tips teach you how to clean the face properly.
Tips Cleaning the face with a short right
Perfect start with a clean facial appearance begins with cleansing the right way.
a clean face will make you more confident.
Here's how to clean your face properly.
Having a clean face in addition to the overall look is also good for health. How to clean your face? Here are tips on cleaning the face.

Wash hands
so that the dirt on the palm of your hand can be removed. Dirty hands get dirty even make a face.
Wash your face with warm water.
 This helps make pores open so that dirt can be better spent. Then dry with a towel.
Use a facial cleanser and use it to form a circumferential direction on the face. Leave it for a moment, about 1 minute, then dry with a towel or tissue.
After the cleaners cleaning the face, use cold water to wash his face. The goal for facial pores closed again.
The final step in cleaning is to use a facial toner. Cotton that has been moistened and then tap on toner-pat in the face.
It was not difficult to clean the face. But sometimes feeling lazy that attack or a less effective way to clean the face is not perfect, and eventually occupied pimples or blackheads. However, by taking a little time, you can find out cleansing techniques.

Tips Cleaning the face with a short right
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